1. What is wireless internet?

Unlike DSL and Cable Internet technology that require physical at home or at the office connections,
wireless Internet technology, including Wimax and LTE allow Internet access anywhere, anytime.
Connect your desktop, iPad, laptop or any device wirelessly, ensuring Internet access no matter where your
life takes you. Whether you need to connect to the Internet from home, the office, coffee shop, hotel,
or even at the bar, wireless Internet technology will connect you.

    1. What is Unwired 4G?

Unwired service offers individual customers access to high-speed Internet over a secure wireless connection
using LTE/WiMAX fourth generation technology.

    1. What is a home Wifi?

Using a wireless connection, Home WiFi allows multiple computers or devices in your home to access the
internet at the same time. You can reach the internet from almost anywhere in your home. With Unwired devices
you can connect from 5 to 35 users at the same time.

    1. How do I use Unwired?

Plug the modem to the electricity source for a modem and turn it on. If you see the green or blue light on
your blade, that indicates you have connected to the network properly. Next turn ‘Wifi’ on on your device
(laptop, phone, tablet) and search fro your Wifi connect. Enter the password that is provided by Unwired and
you will be connected within seconds. After the first log in, your device will remember the password and should
log in automatically.

  1. What are the benefits of Unwired 4G?
    • High speed wireless broadband Internet access
    • No installation required (self-installed modems)
    • Faster set-up time (plug ‘n’ play devices)
    • Modems act as a hot spot connecting 5 to 35 users at the same time
    • Affordable post-paid plans
    • Portable and Mobile ‘on-the-go’ browsing (anywhere within the defined coverage area)


  1. In which areas do I have Unwired 4G coverage?- LTE
    • Lautoka: Lauwaki to Malawiya covering all residential in between and LTK CBD area
    • Nadi: Malolo to Nasoso covering Denarau, Nadi CBD, Kennedy, Fantasy, Enamanu, Martintar, Namaka, Nadi Backroad, Votualevu, Carreras and Nadi Airport, Yako, Sitikuru, Nawaka.
    • Lami: Novotel to Lami town
    • Nausori: Raralevu residential to Nausori Airport
    • Suva: Walu Bay to Valelevu, covering all areas in between
    • Rakiraki Hospital Area till Tanoa Hotel, Vaileka, Waimari , Naqooro, FSC area
    • Tavua: Varavu, Sorokoba, Lavuci, Tagitagi, Lausa ,Vasaru (partly covered) and Town area
    • Ba: Nailaqa, Taveqaveqa, Ba Town to Nadhari(everything in between)
    • Sigatoka: Olosara new subdivision to Sigatoka Town, Rararua, Mavua
    • Pacific Habour, Galoa, Matavuralevu, Navua, Namaqumaqua, Namatakula, Komave
    • Navua- Namelimeli to Navua Town, Naitata, Naitonitoni, Calia, Viti Corp, Nakaulevu, Rampur College
      to Pacific Harbour
    • Suva: Flagstaff, Tanoa Plaza area, Khalsa, Cunningham, Kinoya, Caubati, Valelvu and Tacirua
    • Lami: Waila Industrial, Lami Town, Uduya Point, Suvavou
    • Nausori: Narere, Nakasi, Waila, Raralevu, Nausori Airport, Wainibokasi, Koronivia, Vuci, Tovata, Tailevu to Verataiwai, Natovi, Korovou, Kasavu, Naimasimasi.
    • Labasa: Labasa town to Bulileka, Delailabasa, Batnikama, Korowiri, Nakama, Wailevu, Naleba, Karokaro.
    • Savusau: Savusavu town, Naveria, Urata, Yaroi, Naidi.
    • Mana Island, Malolo Island, Ovalau-Levuka. Taveuni: Wairiki, Tavuki, Somosomo, Kanacea, Naqarawalu.
    • Kadavu : Muani, Matanuku, Nasalia, Dravuni, Yaukuvelevu, Bulia.
    • Nabuowalu: Vuya, Nasolo, Nasavu, Sawani, Wainunu.
  2. Can I use my Unwired service in other areas- 3G Digicel areas?
  3. Yes ,you can. The LTE modem is also 3G compatible.

General Housekeeping

  1. How can I contact Unwired helpdesk?
  2. Unwired helpdesk are available to assist to from 8am to midnight daily. They can be contacted on 7555555
    or 128 (Free for Digicel users only). You can also email them on

  3. Do I need to know my account ID?
  4. Your account ID or BAN number is your account identity that will be needed for payment, top up or
    any other account queries. You can confirm your account ID by contacting Unwired helpdesk.

  5. What is meant by Unwired modem number?
  6. Unwired modem number is different from your account ID (mentioned above) and is in the form 7xxxxxx.
    You can find this number on page 2 of your invoice or by calling Unwired helpdesk. This number is also
    specified on the welcome email when you had signed up. Unwired modem number is needed to check your data
    balance using your phone.

  7. How can I check my data balance?
  8. You can check your data balance by texting in your Unwired Modem Number to 7202020. If you are a Digicel
    user, this service is available to you at no cost. Customers using other providers will be charged the
    normal text charges. You can also check your balance by logging onto your modem via the IP address mentioned
    at the back of your modem. For detailed instructions click here.

  9. How can I know my wifi username and password?
  10. Your username and password was sent to your registered email address when you had signed up. If you
    have forgotten your password, you will need to reset or change your wifi password.

  11. How can I change my wifi password?
  12. We recommend that you change your wifi passowrd from time to time. This can be done by logging onto
    your modem via the IP address mentioned at the back of your blade. For detailed instructions click here.

  13. What is the process of logging a complaint?
  14. While we try to serve you as best as possible, there may be times when you need to log a complaint.
    This can be done via Unwired Helpdesk. We will respond to your query within 24 hours and actions to
    remedy your issue will follow.

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